How to Cook Pierogi

This video shows you the process of preparing pierogi to be frozen, to be served immediately, or to be pan fried.

The processes of deep frying and baking pierogi are covered in other videos within our series. The link below this video takes you to the Polish cookbook where you will find that information.

The pierogi shown here are coming directly from the preparation board and are being dropped into a pot of boiling water. Make sure your pot is large enough so that when you drop in the pierogi there is enough water to maintain the boiling temperature.

The pierogi will go to the bottom. And some of them will stick. So gently use a ladle or spoon to move them enough that you remove those that have decided to stick.Be gentle so that you do not break the seals.

As the pierogi boil, they will start to come to the top. That will take a couple minutes.

If you are going to freeze the pierogi, boil them for about another minute after the last one comes to the top. Remove them to a rack to dry. Please note that I have another video on how to prepare the pierogi for the freezer and freezing them.

If you are making the pierogi for immediate consumption, continue to boil them for another 3 to 5 minutes after the last one comes to the top.

At that time remove them from the pot and put them on a rack just long enough to allow the water to drain off so that when you put them on a plate the plate is not get covered with water.

If you are going to fry them, once they are dry, remove them to another plate so that you can continue boiling the rest of your pierogi. When you are ready to serve them, fried them up.

I have another video on how to serve the pierogi after frying and another about how to serve after boiling.