How to Use Pierogi Maker

PierogiKing pierogi maker
PierogiKing pierogi maker made of sturdy polystyrene

Pierogi makers come in many different forms. In this video I show you the use of the PierogiKing pierogi maker.

It makes pierogi quickly and easily.

You start by sprinkling flour on the serrated edges of the pierogi maker. This prevents the pierogi dough from sticking to the pierogi maker.

Next you lay over the pierogi maker a layer of properly rolled out pierogi dough. See how to rollout pierogi dough at this link.

Be sure that the side that touches the form is well floured so that it does not stick when you seal the pierogi. The top side of the dough should be as flour free as possible to ensure a good seal.

Add your filling to the naturally forming pockets.

Cover the filled pockets with another layer of properly rolled out pierogi dough.

Next you will form seal and cut the pierogi apart by passing a rolling pin back and forth over the top of the second layer of pierogi dough on the pierogi maker.

Remove the trimmings and put them aside to be used in your next dough rollout.

Turn the pierogi maker over and gently remove any pierogi that do not drop out themselves.

The pierogi are now ready to be boiled.