Make Pierogi Dough in Mixer

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In this video I will show you how to use a mixer to make a pierogi dough.

The use of a mixer or a food processor is most convenient particularly when you are making a blanched pierogi dough that is made with hot butter and water.

A mixer is, of course, convenient at any time.

Any time you make a pierogi dough, it is recommended that you make a series of small batches rather than one large batch. In that way your dough will not dry out between the time that you put it on the table and the time that you roll it out.

When using a mixer use the paddle or whip rather than the bread hook. And the paddle is the best choice if you intend to make a rather stiff dough. As you gain experience and make less stiff doughs, then the whip is the best choice.

In the video you see both a paddle and a whip being used.

To make the dough, add your dry ingredients to the mixer and then add your liquid ingredients with the whip or paddle moving at slow speed. As the flour gets wet you can increase the speed of the beater to thoroughly combine the ingredients.

Do not over mix the dough. If you work it out too much you will make it tough.

Once the ingredients are thoroughly combined remove the dough from the bowl and finish the kneading process by hand.

The dough that you see being made in this video is a blanched pierogi dough and when it comes out of the mixer it is hot. So be careful when you put your hand into the mixing bowl to remove it.

On the pastry board work the dough as necessary to get a satiny feeling to it. Note how it is done in the video.

If the dough is tacky, just add flour to the dough by working it in on the pastry board.