Meat Filled Pierogi

water-crust pierogi
Water crust pierogi

Of all the pierogi fillings, a meat filling is probably the most versatile and easiest to make.

A meat filling is generally a mixture of ground meat and onions plus some additive such as mushrooms, rice, grains or other vegetables.

Pierogi give the homemaker a convenient way to serve leftover meats in a fresh setting.

Pierogi made with the meat filling are generally baked or fried and most often served with a savory sauce.

A common and simple meat filling consists of 500 g of ground beef, one half onion, salt pepper and dill to taste.

Sautée the ground beef and onion separately. Allow them to cool and then combine them. Then spice the mass to taste..

If the mixture is to dry such that you are unable to easily spoon it into the pierogi as you make them, add a small amount of broth or bouillon. Be careful to not add too much lest you have a leaking pierogi mix.

Another recipe calls for you to sauté 200 g of ground meat, sauté six finley sliced green onions with two crushed garlic cloves, and sauté 300 g of finely chopped mushrooms.

After allowing them to cool, combine them.

Spice to taste with parsley, salt and pepper.

In all recipes, you can substitute chopped or ground leftover meat for the ground beef.

Meat fillings are added to many different types of pastries. You can use a French pastry, water crust pastry, a sweet bun dough, a pizza dough, a blanched pierogi dough, and a short crust pastry.