Pierogi Dough in Food Processor

How to make pierogi dough in a food processor with recipe, pictures and video.

In this video you see a demonstration of making a pierogi dough in a food processor.

It is really quite easy to do. And this process is most useful if you are going to make a large number of pierogi.

The dough being made in this video is a blanched pierogi dough, one that is made with butter and boiling hot water. It is an excellent dough that is recommended by the members of the Warsaw slow food alliance.

The process of making a pierogi dough with a food processor is generally same regardless of what pierogi dough recipe you use.

In all cases, however, it is important to remember that you do not want to overwork your pierogi dough and make it tough.

Note that as I work the dough I use the pulse function and watch the dough develop very carefully.

And I do not fully develop the dough. It is much too easy to make a mistake and toughen the dough by overworking it. A couple seconds too long in the mixture and ruin the pierogi that you serve.

That is very easy to do with a food processor because they are so fast. So be careful.

Mix the dough only until it binds together well. Then remove it from the food processor and finish developing it by hand on your pastry board.

If it is tacky when you take it out of the food processor, just add extra flour to your pastry board and work that flour in until your dough gets to be the right consistency.

Note that the dough I made here was just about what I like and I did not have to do much kneading or add much additional flour. The little that I had to do to finish it, however shows you the technique that you would have to use. Just repeatedly fold and turn until the dough feels satiny.

All food processors have some upper limit as to the amount of flour that you can add to it. Most pierogi dough recipes call for flour in the 300 g to 500 g range which are well within the limits of most food processors.

A final tip. It is always best to make a small mix of dough and finish it prior to moving on to a second dough. In that way you are dough is fresh and does not dry out. That’s easy to do when you’re using a food processor because it is so fast.