Pierogi Party

You can have a lot of fun by having two or three couples over to make pierogi.

If the people have never made pierogi, it will be a little more work for you in that they will not be able to share in making the fillings ahead of time.

But let’s assume for now that they know how to make pierogi. So along with the invitation ask them to bring one or two fillings for their own pierogi and have little extra to share.

They should also bring some wine and drink.

You will provide some basic fillings such as Russian pierogi filling, a kasza and cheese filling, and an apple filling. All the recipes can be found in the homemade pierogi cookbook.

You will provide the flour, salt and butter necessary to make the pierogi dough.

As far as equipment goes, it is most convenient if you have a food processor or stand mixer either of which you can use to make the pierogi dough.

You then need a couple workstations where people can roll out the dough and fill the pierogi. If you have one other couple only, you can get away with one workstation that people will share. Beyond that, figure 1 station for every two couples.

Someone will have to boil the pierogi. Someone will make the dough. Someone will fry the garnish and serve pierogi. And others will sit around and talk and drink.

The workstations should consist of a pastry board and a rolling pin.

For people who have never made pierogi before, you might want to have on hand one or two pierogi presses or a pierogi maker. You can but them at Poland’s Best Home and Hobby Store.