pierogi in a pan
Pierogi in a frying pan in the Old Town in Warsaw.

This section is about a world-famous food and what is perhaps the most popular food in Poland today. Pierogi.

Pierogi come handmade or machine made. They come boiled, fried, baked, and deep-fried. They come savory and they come sweet. And they are everywhere in Poland – all the time.

They are part of the every day eating habits of the Polish people and assume a special position at the traditional Polish Christmas evening meal.

There is an ambiance about pierogi that cannot be described. One only feels it when in a group of Polish people enjoying the wonderful world of pierogi.

Pierogi are fun. They are good to eat. They bind people together.

Pierogi are more than food. They are a history. They are a tradition. They are a bond between the Polish people and their culture.

Once a staple in the Polish diet, pierogi has now achieved a new position in the Polish daily life and among the Polish diaspora.

To some people the making of pierogi is tedious and time-consuming. To others, making them is a joy and a delight.

This great feeling is not unknown to people who like to cook. It is interesting, that when a group of people get together to make pierogi how infectious that feeling becomes.

There is perhaps no more fun than getting a group of people together to make pierogi where everyone pitches in and performs some part of the production process while everyone enjoys the company, drink, and ultimately the final product.

In this section you will find recipes and information that will enable you to make perfect pierogi, just the way your family likes it and serve them at your next Christmas Eve dinner just the way they have been served for centuries in Poland.