How To Make Pierogi

Homemade Pierogi
Homemade Pierogi

Step by step instructions for making pierogi. Information is in text and video.

To the right is a menu of other recipes and procedures for more specific things related to pierogi and dumplings. You are invited to review them also.

Specific instructions for each of these steps are to the right.

How To Make Pierogi

  1. Decide on the type pierogi you wish to make.
  2. Make the fillings and put in refrigerator to chill at least 6 hours.
  3. Prepare the type pierogi dough for your chosen delicacy
  4. For traditional pierogi, roll the dough thin to the point you can see your hand through it.
  5. Hand cut to shape or use pierogi maker.
  6. Fill and seal.

Here is a video that shows the process of filling and sealing the pierogi with a pierogi maker.

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