Rolling Ravioli Dough

This page is about rolling ravioli dough as well as rolling any pasta dough for egg noodles and other pasta.

It is based on the egg pasta recipe that is the basic ravioli dough recipe. You can also make ravioli dough without egg as is done often in Southern Italy. But egg pasta makes a more flexible and better tasting dough.

Rolling ravioli can be done either by hand with a rolling pin or with a pasta machine.

It is best to watch this video to see the process.

You can get into making a ravioli dough rolling pin by using a large round hardwood dowel. The ravioli rolling pin shown in the video is 1 3/4 inches in diameter and 18 inches long.

Using a rolling pin that is that large makes the process of achieving the right thickness of the dough very easy. Its size allows you to get an even roll over a large area.

Ravioli dough should be rolled to the point where you can see your hand through the pasta sheet.

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Ravioli dough recipe  – This is the recipe for the dough used in the video above.