Spelt Pierogi Dough

Spelt is a predecessor of the wheats that are grown today. It was widely grown throughout Europe. Today it is still grown in some parts of Eastern Europe.

Spelt flour, whole-wheat and clear, were common flours used to make pierogi.

To make a dough using spelt, it is a simple matter of replacing the wheat flour with spelt.

The spelt dough that is being made is a blanched dough which is a dough made with melted butter and boiling hot water.

The resulting dough is very tender yet elastic. It is excellent to use for making pierogi filled with savory fillings. And, of course, it can be used to make pierogi filled with sweet fillings.

The spelt flour has a slight brown cast to it so your pierogi will have a slight amount of color. They can be boiled, fried, and baked just like those made with a regular wheat flour. Pierogi made with a spelt dough are particularly attractive to people on limited diets.