Uszka Filling Tools

uszka form
Uszka form made of sturdy polystyrene.

Traditional uszka are filled pierogi that are shaped to look like little ears. The shaping is a second step in the process of sealing the pierogi and has to be done by hand.

Uszka are filled dumplings that are added to soup, most notably borscht.

Though the traditionally formed uszka are essentially required for the traditional Polish Christmas Eve dinner, throughout the year people use dumplings in other forms to add to their borscht.

Some use very small traditionally formed pierogi. Others use a hexagonal shaped dumpling that is easily made using a form.

These forms come under many names but their shape is the same.

In this video you can see how one of these forms is used to make uszka.

With one of these forms you can make about 55 uszka in just a few minutes minutes. With a production potential such as that, the tediousness of making uszka is eliminated and people are more prone to make uszka more often.

Forms come in metal and in plastic. The polystyrene versions have advantages when being used around in the kitchen. They do not scratch, and they do not break glass that they come into contact with, as is often the case.

And the polystyrene versions are easily stored without worrying about what they will do to anything that contact.

These forms are widely used in Poland and can be found in shops and markets around the country. They can also be purchased online at: